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     1л. --- 165 евро

    2л. --- 195 евро

    3.5л. --- 215 евро

    5л.  --- 275 евро

     7.5л.  --- 325 евро



Приспособление Durkopp Adler 767 

Zipper Folder -- Downturning leather at both size and Guiding the zipper tape
, Width adjustable

Upper part is a downturn hemmer 
Bottom part is a adjustable tape guide on front slide plate of 767 machine.
Tape adjustable between 15mm and 25mm wide

Tape Guide on Front Slide Plate for 467 and 767 machine.
Adjustable between 15mm and 25mm wide

KHB-767    Arm Cover for Binding on 767 machine
     (Rocking with the feed dog)

 ... ... used together with presser feet set KP767WG

 ... ... used together with presser feet set KP767TG

  KHF767-WL is including function of KHF767-P1 and KHF767-P2, finishing two process simultaneously.

      The center part binded cord has been made by KHF767-P1 already. 
      KHF767-P2 help to add the upper and bottom layer. 

Durkopp Adler 768 

N522 005022  (for 14mm belt)
N522 005032  (for 16mm belt)
N522 005042  (for 18mm belt)
N522 005052  (for 20mm belt)
N522 005007 N522 005008


Guiding Plate
Belt Guide Completed

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