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     1л. --- 165 евро

    2л. --- 195 евро

    3.5л. --- 215 евро

    5л.  --- 275 евро

     7.5л.  --- 325 евро




Full Automatic Steam Boiler - 120 kW

Designed for producing steam for various usage. For textile industry ,starts up 40-45 units ironing tables or 8-12 units presses(depends on capacity).Continuous operation 24 hours in a day. Has twelve units resistances, each electric heating element is self contained,in other words it is possible to switch on all the elements simultaneously or, individually, if steam requirements are low.Easy transportation with wheels. .Produced with international safety standard.Chic design.

Type HSL-MK-120
Voltage 400 V ~3 NPE
Frequency 50 Hz
Total Power 121 kW
Power Of Pump 1 kW
Power of Resistance 12*10 kW
Working Pressure 4 bar
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