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     1л. --- 165 евро

    2л. --- 195 евро

    3.5л. --- 215 евро

    5л.  --- 275 евро

     7.5л.  --- 325 евро




Continuous fusing machine divided in the following sections:
- loading
- heating (see note) and pressing
- unloading.
The machine is already adapted to be connected with the automatic loaders Mod. 983-985 and unloaders Mod. 976-977.
The available loading and unloading working lengths are:
- 1000 mm. - 1400 mm.
The available working widths are:
- 700 mm. - 1000 mm. - 1400 mm.
The machine has the following features and is complete with:
- electronic temperature control divided in two or three sections
- detachment of fused fabric by means of a carbon blade and rotating silicone scraper
- fusing pressure from 0 to 6 Atm
- belt speed from 2 to 10 mt/min.
- emergency manual device for belts movement
- inside and outside belts cleaning system (4 cleaners)
- automatic switch off
- signalling device of right temperature
- terminal for programming TSM 16.20
HEATING - The machine heating is available in 4 versiones:
- 333.**.*1**: heating with steam only. The max. temperature that can be achieved on the fabric is of 10° lower than the steam reated temperature
- 333.**.*2**: electric heating only
- 333.**.*3**: steam heating with electric overheating on the second plate.
- 333.**.*4**: it can function without distinction with one of the above three combinations
N.B. In the versions 3-4 the electric consumption has not been indicated as it differes depending from the way of using the steam.
Compressed air connection at 6 Atm.
For the machines with heating type 1, 3, 4 foresee connection to steam
Electric feeding: 3~50Hz 230 V - 3+N~50Hz 400 V

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