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"TRIOGRUP PRIM" L.T.D. that have made it its principle to sell the products at the most suitable price and the best quality for nearly 8 years, is one of the leading companies in Sewing Machine Market in MOLDOVA by presenting its customers the trustworthy machinery and accessories. This will enable our customers to strenghten competitively their quality standarts and as well as have their production put into first plan to establish their textile workplace. We are one of a biggest company in Moldova. We have about 1.500 customers in our market.
We, TRIO GRUP Company, are proud of taking pride in sharing that we are known not only with importing but also with exporting within the global world that we have produced to world standards of industrial sewing machinery and accessories are in front line with foreign competition. We also produce many kind of spare parts for sewing machines, including, screws, attachment and so on...
Beside TRIO GRUP Company work with many fabrics from Republic of Moldova. We import from Taiwan ,Italy, France, Korea, Germany, China and Turkey.